Barcelona Fashion Week 2017

February 13th, 2017

We take a look at some of the incredible collections at the 19th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week.

Barcelona and Catalonia are world renowned as hubs of creativity and innovation in the fashion and design community. Therefore, it’s only right that Barcelona Fashion Week is one of the most exciting weeks in the Fashion year. Taking place at the INEFC (National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia), there were 40 shows over 5 days showing the best of each of the brands and designers. The collections were an example of the incredible talent buzzing in Barcelona and Catalonia. A particularly well executed trend seen on many of the catwalk, was the blending of traditional and contemporary styles creating stunningly provocative and captivating pieces.

All of the collections were incredible, and below are just a few of the designs that really caught our eye.

Miro 110567

Miro 110779


Rosa 11349

Rosa 11414

Erroz 11583

Erroz 11156

Gabala 11186

Gabala 11501

Yerse 11368

Yerse 11435

Escorpion 11498

Escorpion 11066

Now 11678