7 Wonders: Grammys 2017

February 13th, 2017

Here are our top seven moments from the 2017 Grammy Awards.


Adele Winning Album of the Year

Continuing her domination of the Grammys, Adele picked up the award for Album of the Year for the stunning 25. In her emotional speech, she spoke about the struggles of becoming a mother and how she feels she’s come “full circle” having won her last Album of the Year Grammy five years ago when she was pregnant. She went on to say how she didn’t deserve the award, bringing Beyonce to tears as she praised Lemonade and what the album has done to empower her and her friends. She proceeded to break her award in two, Mean Girls style, and offer half to Bey. Cue us all bursting into tears.


Beyonce’s Performance

Beyonce was always going to slay, and this performance will likely go down in Grammy history. Performing ‘Love Drought’ and ‘Sandcastles’ from Lemonade, Queen Bey dressed like an actual goddess as she was surrounded by holographic images. Introduced by her mother Tina, the performance was taken to another level as she celebrated women and motherhood. It was elegant, iconic and captivating. All hail the Queen. 


Chance the Rapper Wins

Winning awards for Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Album, Chance the Rapper successfully marked a huge win not only for himself, but for all streaming-only artists. Having petitioned the Academy to include streaming-only acts as official contenders, the Coloring Book artist showed just why these acts should be included. As he performed a medley of hits backed by an incredible gospel choir, it was inspirational and monumental.


Adele’s George Michael Tribute

Adele paid tribute to the late great George Michael, performing a slowed down version of the 1996 hit ‘Fast Love’. However, once she got to the chorus she stopped the performance and started again, wanting it to be even more perfect. Self-confessed super-fan of George, Adele told the crowd that she “can’t mess this up for him” before beginning again. 


Bruno Mars’ Prince Tribute

Although no one can compare to the skill and showmanship of the Purple One, Bruno Mars did a damn good job in his tribute to the rock legend. Decked out in a purple sparkly jacket, Bruno delivered a fantastic cover of ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ and along with The Time, who worked closely with Prince, gave us a fantastic medley of songs. It was flashy and fantastic, and Prince would’ve certainly approved.


Let’s Get Political

There was bound to be a lot of political mentions at this year’s award ceremony, and the artists made sure that they took their moment in the spotlight to highlight worthy causes in need of attention. Paris Jackson protested the Dakota Access Pipeline, Laverne Cox told us to google transgender teen Gavin Grimm and urged us to use the hashtag #StandWithGavin, and Katy Perry wore a “RESIST” armband during her performance before displaying the Constitution behind her.


A Tribe Called Quest vs. Trump

The best moment of the show was, without a doubt, A Tribe Called Quest vs. “President Agent Orange”. As Busta Rhymes called out “President Agent Orange” and the failed Muslim ban, their 2016 track ‘We The People’ came to life as an anthem of unity with footage of protests playing in the background. The performance ended with Q-Tip repeating one word – “RESIST”. Powerful stuff.