LFWM: Wales Bonner AW17

January 9th, 2017

Emotionally charged and full of future classics, Wales Bonner AW17 is a collection we’re pining over.

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70s Ladbroke Grove

It isn’t surprising that in times when the fate of London hangs in the balance, Wales Bonner would make an ode to her home city. With the audience sat in a circle around the Notting Hill Carnival speakers, Wales Bonner’s collection made reference to the wildly varied and inspiring 70s Ladbroke Grove. After all, “the whole thing is about celebrating diversity.” As should everything.

Street Preacher

Always one to delve into research and absorb aspects of culture otherwise forgotten by fashion, Wales Bonner was inspired by her thoughts about the power of street-preachers and populist religious characters. Charged with emotion, her mens and womenswear featured casual jersey tracksuits, long white linen and lace dresses, as well as medieval headgear, inspired by Renaissance portraits of friars and explored through an abstract connection.

Launching the cult

Wales Bonner has risen fast through the fashion ranks since her graduation from Central St Martins, and isn’t set to stop until she reaches the stratosphere. Featuring her signature velvet suits, the collection was full of future classics, including checkered skinny t-shirts, short duffle coats, leather harlequin-patterned trousers and pristine white tailoring. The cult of Wales Bonner is only gathering speed.

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