LFWM: Vivienne Westwood AW17

January 10th, 2017

Vivienne Westwood reaffirms her reign as fashion’s messiah.


Get A Life

If you haven’t read Vivienne Westwood’s “Get A Life” yet, you absolutely should. As in, go and pick it up from the bookshop right now. Full of musings and ideas surrounding politics and climate change, Vivienne Westwood’s manifesto is something that she’s deeply embedding into her collections, and her AW17 co-ed collection is one of them. Featuring slogans from “Get A Life” such as “I.O.U”, “ANTI-PEOPLE” and “DON’T GET KILLED” in her own handwriting, Westwood has to be admired for her incredible dedication to stopping climate change and spreading the message of positive change we can instil through recycling, activism and being aware how what we eat and do shapes the world. Even the nail art was created using Westwood and husband Andreas’s left over Christmas wrapping paper.

Ultimately Unisex

Despite this AW17 collection being her first shown on the menswear schedule, you can be assured that this isn’t Westwood’s first time putting boys in ball gowns. Featuring boys in a rib knit sweater and mini-skirt, an indigo pinstriped shirt and skirt and a voluminous gathered midi skirt, while both girls and boys were in shouldered double-breasted tailoring and contemporary, shiny cowboy boots, the Vivienne Westwood AW17 collection rings true to the original meaning of unisex.

Running Wild

In this Autumn/Winter collection, Vivienne Westwood created bold and wild designs infused with the spirit of her early “Pirates” and “Buffalo Girls” collections. Chock full of punk ideals and a need to thrash back against the rigorous fashion system, Westwood’s use of feral tulle, woven patchwork and a reoccurring print of crowded faces made sure that Westwood’s voice could not be quelled, and that she remains the outspoken and straightforward designer that we need. May there never be anything that can tame her.