LFWM: Topman AW17

January 6th, 2017

Topman’s AW17 serving packed a powerful punch.


Electric Raver

Topman’s AW17 collection was not for the faint of heart. Hot pinks so bright they could have been on fire, electrified yellows and kitsch oranges were the main stay, with tingling greens and electric blues layered with florals making appearances too. With silhouettes and bucket hats and neon anoraks harking back to “This Is England 90” raver kings and and acid house queens (the collection was explicitly inspired by the pub and club culture of 90s Britain), Topman’s offering looked like it had been decorated with a set of highlighters and thrown onto the Shoom dancefloor.

Acid House Psychedelia

Print wise, psychedelia was what Topman were tripping on. More swirling and bright and brazen than ever before, Topman’s in-house designed premium collection was full of contemporary takes on classic 70s prints and 90s silhouettes in brash electric hues. Graphic prints (we love The Fuzzy Duck) and slogans were also emblematic of 90s style, just pumped full of 2017-appropriate witticisms and tinged with modern-day humour.

Anything and Everything

Variety and diversity in shape, silhouette and colour seemed to be the main message at Topman AW17. Whatever dream AW17 look you had in mind, Topman had all the options. From over-sized grey suits with trailing jackets, to a ludicrously flared jean/jacket combo and neon quilted tracksuits, there was an option for every style and every occasion.









Words: Annabel Lunnon