LFWM: J.W Anderson AW17

January 8th, 2017

J.W Anderson calls upon crochet for his bold and brilliant AW17 collection.

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Cute In Crochet 

Ever seeking (and succeeding) in making a statement, one of the biggest features of J.W Anderson’s AW17 collection was his super cute crochet offerings. Appearing on pockets, shoes, sleeves and scarves, the dreamy crochet delights give the iconic knit a new relevancy and make it an absolute must-have for the coming year. Aside from crochet, knitwear in general was high on the agenda, with oversized, longline sweaters and huge (and we mean huge) scarves being commonplace throughout – we can’t get enough of the J.W Knit.

The Bolder The Better

Apparently taking influence from the likes of renowned artist David Hockney, the palette for Anderson’s AW17 offering was bolder than ever with a diversity of bright and brilliant hues splashed across the collection. With reconstructed, dramatic artwork on tees and trousers and gorgeous appliquéd stain glass windows on sweaters (there’s even stain-glass effect jeans – major!), it’s clear to see that that Anderson was intent on showing that bolder is better, and we couldn’t agree more! We’ll definitely be shunning the winter blues with Anderson’s exciting and bold set of vibrant hues.

Master Of The Maze 

Breaking away from the conventional runway, Anderson ensured that he stood out from the crowd and most certainly gave his models the run-around with his AW17 catwalk. Working their way through a series of passages and corridors, every spectator sat on the front row, ensuring that each and every eye could capture the fine attention to deal that went into each piece. The intimate setting, which meant spectators were so close they could literally touch the models as the passed by, certainly added an extra intensity to the show and will definitely have made it one of the more memorable offerings of the AW17 schedule.

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Words: Ryan Cahill