LFWM: Joseph AW17

January 9th, 2017

It’s elegant simplicity for Joseph AW17.

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That ’70s Show

Having discovered a photo of her parents during the ‘70s while moving house, unlike the rest of us who would probably cringe at our parents past fashion choices, creative director Louise Trotter was inspired by their look and by the era “when men had a bit of femininity in what they wore”. This idea, along with the vision of head menswear designer Mark Thomas, led to Joseph’s effortlessly stunning AW17 line-up. Trotter and Thomas bring a ‘70s feel and sense of British traditionalism, combined with contemporary street appeal, to expertly exhibit their stylish and sleek range, with that hint of unisexuality that first inspired Trotter. 

Sherlock Chic

One of the highlights of the Joseph lineup was their range of outwear. With a simple yet elegant feel, their floor length coats echo the nonchalantly stylish look of national treasure, and cheekbone-envy-inducing, Benedict Cumberbatch in BBC’s Sherlock. The styles are special and unique, using striking fabrics and colours (shout out to the incredible fluffy orange number), yet Trotter and Thomas maintain a sense of discipline to keep the range accessible. Elementary, my dear. 

Simply Does It

The real stand out of the show was the simplicity of it all. Trotter and Thomas have created a simple and effortless range, which oozes elegance and grace. It’s both dapper and down to earth. Easy and effective. A stunning example that sometimes less really is more, and we just can’t get enough.

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Words: Elly Watson