LFWM: Christopher Shannon AW17

January 7th, 2017

Christopher Shannon takes us around the world with his AW17 collection.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 14.23.10

Rebirth & Rebrand 

Sticking true to form and following on from his reimagining’s of Sports Direct’s aesthetic and logo,  Shannon selects CK, Hugo Boss and Timerbland as the target of his latest edits. With tracksuits & hoodies featuring TUMBLEWOOD (instead of TIMBERLAND) branding and sweaters that feature LOSS (instead of BOSS), it’s clear that Shannon’s playful brand rebirths are fast becoming his staple.

Shannon Goes Global

A fan of a face-piece, Shannon is no stranger to outlandishly dressing models with something obscuring their face, having had models wear random pieces of denim in his SS17 show. This time Shannon goes global by using flags instead. Gay pride, Europe and Wales were a few of the flags selected to feature the in designer Christopher Shannon’s AW17 showcase. Whether it’s a political statement remarking on world issues post-brexit or simply an aesthetic ploy because to spice up the show, we’re very much into it.

Stitched Together 

If you look back upon Shannon’s previous collections, it’s clear to see that they are stitched together in regards to their familiar aesthetic. For AW17, building upon his previous collections, pieces include updates of his muli-texturing and patchwork pieces (we’re obsessed with the that patchwork two-piece) as well as his love for denim (the button-seam jeans are to die for) and reimagined sportswear! And despite the familiarity, it gets better and better each time.

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Words: Ryan Cahill