Commit to Something

January 11th, 2017

Equinox have unveiled their brand new, provocative campaign.


High-performance lifestyle brand Equinox have unveiled their surreal, intensely-stylised 2017 advertising campaign, using the theme of “Commit To Something” to create an intimate and provocative exploration of personal identity in the modern world. With seven images, all shot by the iconic and world-renowned fashion photographer Steven Klein, the campaign explores cultural issues and looks at the idea of defining individuality.

Fashion photographer Steven Klein said of his work with Equinox “I view my work through the eyes of a photojournalist, as I draw influence from what’s going on outside my door every day.  This approach lends itself naturally to this year’s Equinox campaign, where we’re using imagery to tell highly personal stories and inspire conversation about important issues.”

Using topics rarely addressed in advertising, such as the woman’s decision to embrace a new perspective on beauty after a double mastectomy, Carlos Becil, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, says Equinox’s campaign revolves around “the notion that what you commit to is who you are”; it’s a campaign that empowers members to discover their maximum potential.