October 4th, 2015

Jonny Johansson brings together everything he loves about music to Acne womenswear this SS16


A musical thanksgiving

Acne Studio’s Creative Director, Jonny Johansson, pays the ultimate homage to the world of music. A binding of everything he has known and loved about music in the present and past, the collection works a reoccurring motif of coloured CD prints in green, purple, blue and red. Dominating Perspex guitar badges are attached to the backs and fronts of tops and the classic 80’s shoulder padded blazer. Cobalt blue and red standout this season, as well as the use of velvet that appears spontaneously throughout the collection. Favourite looks from this season are – without doubt – the black white and red blazer and the (totally unprecedented) bright red velvet dress, paired with thigh-high red crocodile effect boots and black statement sunglasses. The ultimate iconic rockstar get-up.

Daredevil DIY

Acne has created this response to music in a way that appears thrown together; adjusted and revamped at home. It almost acts as a sacrificial offering, as though it were made by the everyday music worshipper that simply wants to express their passion. Knitwear gives the impression it’s been deliberately clawed to create holes for effect. Likewise, the sandal footwear that covers the ankles like a boot but exposes the toes is built upon a thick sole that looks as though it is made from layered cardboard. There’s a playfulness behind the theme, it’s almost endearing. Like all generations that have been and gone, fashion on the catwalks and back at home has always mimicked the styles of our best-loved musical icons.









Words: Hannah Sargeant