PROFILE: Joseph JP Patterson

April 10th, 2015

We asked JP to curate a beginner’s guide playlist for us, as well as a few words from him about his life genre of choice.

We love a bit of grime, here at Wonderland. JP is one of the scene’s trusted journos; currently serving as Music Editor of Complex Magazine UK and a presenter on Amazing Radio.

JP’s in-depth knowledge of the scene (and daily tips on Twitter) has made him one of the go-to guys for all things grime.

JP - Wonderland

“Can we all put the ‘grime’s back’, ‘resurgence’ talk to rest now? Grime never actually went anywhere! The scene’s producers, DJs, and (some of the) MCs stayed on their jobs; it’s just that, for years, certain media platforms and critics paid it no mind until Drake and Kanye started showing love. Now, don’t get me wrong: having both rap stars shining a light on the genre has definitely opened up a few doors, but even if they hadn’t batted an eye-lid, grime would still be doing its thing and we shouldn’t forget that.

This beginner’s guide to grime playlist is for all those with a genuine interest in the music, those who might not know their Trim’s from their Tempa T’s, Dot Rotten’s from their D Double E’s. I hope you enjoy the education.” 



Check out the 20-track playlist on Spotify here: