Audio Premiere: Tove Lo – ‘Talking Body (TYP Remix)’

March 4th, 2015

Sexy and club-ready, we premiere The Young Professionals’ latest remix. Expect the bass to rattle your bones on your next night out.

The Young Professionals are no strangers to remix duties, having reworked tracks by Moby, Lana Del Rey and even Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. An unlikely duo, made up of producer Johnny Goldstein and Israeli X Factor judge and pop star, Ivri Lider (I say unlikely because you can’t exactly imagine Louis Walsh making dancefloor worthy tunes). We’ve had our eye on this pair since their debut album, 9AM to 5PM, 5PM to Whenever dropped way back when in 2012 and their remix of Tove Lo’s track, “Talking Body” may just be our favourite offering from them yet.

Glitchy, stuttering vocals are reworked over a slow, churning bass line and layered up over a drum beat that vanishes for a climatic breakdown. Even down to the last moment, The Young Professionals have truly put their own spin on the song, echoing even the last breathy word. You’ll be hearing this reverberate around many a dark club basement very, very soon.

The Young Professional’s tracks,”Talking Body” and “All Of It But Me” are available to purchase now on Cherry Tree Records.