Premiere: Faded Paper Figures – ‘On The Line’

June 30th, 2014

We premiere the eclectic trio, Faded Paper Figures newest track ‘On The Line’, exclusively on WonderlandFaded Paper Planes

Bands typically break up after college. People move away, grow apart, or just shrivel up and get jobs.  It was good while it lasted, right?  But what happens when the music is so good, the band’s listeners so devout, the ambition to keep creating so strong that even the time-draining power of day jobs can’t get in the way?

Such is the story of Faded Paper Figures, whose “day jobs” are not exactly easy gigs: Heather Alden is in residency after graduating from medical school (a real doctor), R. John Williams is a full-time professor of English at Yale (just published his first book), and Kael Alden writes music for a production company in Los Angeles called Robot Repair (his music appearing in several Hollywood films, TV shows, video games and ads).

Having married then moved to CA in 2005, Kael and Heather met John, who one afternoon in the fall of 2007, looking for a distraction from writing his dissertation, suggested to Kael and Heather that they write some music together. Within three weeks they had written a few songs, and put them up online. It’s a cliché but the rest is history.

By 2013, their music was circulating everywhere appearing on everything from ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” to MTV’s “The Real World,” NBCSports, and E! and if anything the music now comes with even greater clarity and brilliance. Set to release their fourth studio album ‘Relics’ this August, which promises to be their most honest, sophisticated, and ambitious offering yet, today we premiere ‘On The Line’ on Wonderland…