Wonderland Shoots: Harmony Boucher in ‘Cut Down’

July 18th, 2013

Vuvuvultures frontwoman and Models 1 girl Harmony Boucher gets a rather dramatic haircut in our new fashion film.

Most normal human beings wouldn’t be up for getting their head shaved, let alone on camera, but we guess Models 1 girl Harmony Boucher isn’t most people. The daughter of a rock musician and the frontwoman of the rather ferocious Vuvuvultures – you can listen to their most recent single, Safe Skin, here – Boucher comes from an illustrious line of rebellious models who dabble in rock’n’roll androgyny (Freja Beha, anyone?) and play fast and loose with the rules of beauty.

“Every few years I get an overwhelming need to start again!” Boucher told us, explaining her motivations behind the shoot. “Shaving my hair off has so far been the most effective way of cleansing both my soul and my ego.”

Take a look at the resulting video and shots, below.

Harmony Boucher ph Mario Benedetti 1

Harmony Boucher ph Mario Benedetti

Harmony Boucher ph Mario Benedetti 4

Harmony ph Mario Benedetti 2

Film: Joseph Wilson
Photography: Mario Benedetti
Stylist: Justine Josephs
Model: Harmony Boucher at Models 1
Pic 1: Shirt, jacket and jeans all by
Pic 2: Shirt around waist by
ASHISH, shirt and skirt by CIARA IP
Pic 3: All-in-one shirt with jacket by
Pic 4: Jacket by

Make-up: Lucy Bridge using YSL skincare and make-up
Hair: The Doctor
Photographic assistance: Adriana Lavocou
Stylist assistance: Leyla Abounour
Retouching: James Charles Abbott
With thanks to: Stoke Studios