Taylor Swift for Wonderland Summer 2013

April 7th, 2013

The cover star of our Outspoken issue, revealed – plus a sneak peek of what’s in store for the new issue.

Taylor Swift on cover of Wonderland Magazine, The Outspoken Issue

&% #@! You heard: Wonderland is a little hot around the collar, and we ain’t exactly whispering about it. Neither’s the bold, brash beautiful talent that pepper our Outspoken issue this summer. It’s all about having an opinion and not being afraid to holla it, and the top of your lungs.

Take it from cover girl Taylor Swift, who talks candidly about her gripes with the press, her global, chart-topping run as country pop girl to be, and, well, how relationships are like traffic lights.

Then there’s the furious, formidable R&B talent JoJo, who explains – in her own terms, of course – how to stay strong, despite everything. Fluoro-haired rap queen Gita gets real with us about bass-poppin’ collaborations with the likes of Mark Ronson and Venus X, Kanye protégé Big Sean advises on how to freestyle your way into a major record contract, and outer limits, grenade-wielding indie overlord Wayne Coyne takes us through Flaming Lips’ newest existentialist masterpiece, The Terror.

And if this doesn’t fill your swear jar, feast your eyes on a champagne-soaked karaoke session with the best new bands going, and a Brit Encounter of the Thespian Kind: we pin down a horde of edgy, talented newcomers to the British acting scene. We chat to cinema’s truest enfant terrible Harmony Korine about his newest nightmare, Spring Breakers, and curtain-haired alt. country strummer Kurt Vile explains why he no longer has anything to prove.

We may be feeling a li’l rough and ready this summer, but it doesn’t mean we’re not as generous as ever. For a chance to win a pair of tickets* to taste-making Croatian music festivals Outlook (August 29) or Dimensions (September 5), post a photo of yourself throwing the Taylor “hearts” pose, as seen on our cover. Send photos to hearttoheart@wonderlandmagazine.com (or tweet @wonderlandmag) by April 22, stating which festival you’d like to attend in the subject header. Make ’em good – the best photos will go up on our Facebook page and the ones with the most number of likes will win. Good luck!

The Outspoken issue comes out on Tuesday 9th April at WH Smith and all good newsstands. Subscribe here.

* One pair of tickets per winner. Winning ticket does not include flights or accommodation.