In Profile: Gwendoline Christie

April 15th, 2013

We shot the Game Of Thrones actress in Richard Nicoll – we think even the Kingslayer would approve.

Gwendoline Christie (Image: Jessie Craig)

Game Of Thrones, HBO’s epic fantasy series, has given us three series’ worth of breakthrough roles and new faces – but none more so than Gwendoline Christie, whose tough-as-nails turn as the warrior Brienne of Tarth has won over her fair share of fans. It’s a role that the 6″3′ actress was born to play, but once you take off the Westeros dirt and Kingsguard armour, Christie’s slightly more clued up on fashion than Brienne. In fact, if she seriously wants to ban Uggs, we’d back her bid for PM right now.

Dogs or cats? Dogs.

Theatre or film? Film.

First thing you would do if you were PM? I would tax Uggs.

Where did you grow up? Purgatory.

Favourite comfort food? Wood.

Last lie you told? I don’t lie.

Dream dinner party guests? Simon Callow, Vita Sackville West, Marilyn Monroe, Leonora Carrington, Marcelle Mastroianni and Teddy.

Images: Jessie Craig
All clothing by Richard Nicoll.