NEW NOISE: Mel Blatt

February 13th, 2013

Mel Blatt, better known for being one-quarter of All Saints, the ‘cooler’ girl band of the 90s, turns DJ on the new Fur Coat track ‘Falls Away’.

Mel Blatt

Since the discerning pop fan’s girlband split up in the early noughties, Blatt has gone on to become one of the most productive ex-members, collaborating with everyone from Artful Dodger, Kris D’Angelis and Outsidaz. After motherhood, a brief hiatus and a relocation to party capital Ibiza, she returns with house producer Fur Coat on his track ‘Falls Away’.

What have you been up to since you last recorded with the girls in 2006?

I’ve been up to all sorts. 2006 is a long time ago, although it’s gone by too fast.

Would you ever consider resurrecting the band for another album?

I can’t see it, but then I never thought I’d see Michael Madsen in Big Brother either. Who knows what will happen.

You’ve collaborated with lots of other artists in the past. How did the collaboration with Fur Coat happen?

It came about through friends. There is an amazingly talented community of DJs , producers, artists, stylists and other creatives that I’ve met over time , one of them being Damian Lazarus. He hooked us up.

‘Falls Away’ is a completely different genre from anything you’ve ever done before. What sort of music are you listening too at the moment?

I’d like to think I listen to everything, but really I tend to listen to about seven or eight tunes at a time over and over and over until I move on to the next batch. Hip-hop remains the constant in my life.

If you could work with any other artist, either dead or alive, who would be your ideal partner?

Prince, Q-tip, Pharell Williams, Chad Hugo… And I’d do more than just work with them, believe me.

You’re friends with a horde of London DJs. Is it a venture that you wish to pursue or would you consider it to be a ‘hobby’?

I wouldn’t really call myself a DJ. I love music and am happiest playing tunes I love for other people that like them too.

You’ve been residing in Ibiza. What have you been up to out there?

I’ve been getting my life in order, enjoying living it up in the sun and making music. I’ve been playing a bit out there too. It’s a great place.

How does it differ to a city like London?

95% less chance of getting stabbed to death.

Are there any plans for a solo comeback this year?

Not yet. Just the track with Fur Coat.

What else can we expect from you for the forthcoming year?

I’m about to do something I never thought in a million years I would ever do .

Fur Coat is out now.

Words: Shane Hawkins