WONDERLUST: Hollie-May Saker

December 4th, 2012

We spent the afternoon with Marc Jacobs‘ favourite girl, Hollie-May Saker from Models 1. She talks Elvis, speed boats and throwing bras (hers, naturally) on stage.

Age: 17

Hometown: Liverpool but I’ve lived in Marbella, Spain for 14 years.

I was scouted: Two years ago, my boyfriend’s mum asked if I was a model and said she knew someone at Models 1 in Spain so organised a meeting for me.

Home is: Spain, I think it always will be.

Favourite childhood memory: When my Dad was alive he bought my mum a speed boat and every Sunday we would sit on the boat, listen to Elvis and he would help me with my homework. Definitely the best time of my life.

Dream destination: I would absolutely love to go to Australia.

My hobbies are: Hanging out with my friends as I don’t get a chance to do that much anymore. When I’m home I like to go shopping and treat my mum.

My current obsession is: Trainers and fun rings.

My biggest fear is: Having my heart broken and losing my mum as she really is my best friend.

Guilty pleasure: The Disney channel and Hannah Montana.

Favourite film: Toy Story (the first one). It never gets old.

Last lie I told: That I was 20 years old.

Favourite food: Proper American diner food & bacon!

Dream dinner date: Elvis.

Favourite London hang out: Camden, it’s such a cool area.

First gig: My boyfriend’s band Midnight State. I threw my bra at him!

Music I like: Pretty much everything but mainly indie, dubstep and old stuff like Elvis.

Career highlight: Getting the Marc Jacobs show last season and then from that getting Louis Vuitton without even having to go for a casting. I was so nervous at those shows, all I could see were bright lights and I couldn’t feel my arms as I walked. After I had such an adrenaline rush.

Most treasured possession: My St Christopher pendant my Dad gave me when I was 8, I never take it off. He said I’d travel the world and he was right.

Last thing I bought: My Boy London sweater, it’s great now it’s so cold!

Happiest moment: Going back to school & showing everyone my portfolio. I always got told I wouldn’t go anywhere so it was the best feeling to prove them wrong.

Myself in three words: Energetic, loving and annoying.

Dream job: This is it.

Photographer David Adams
Fashion Editor and words Francesca Prudente
Make Up Lara Himpelmann using DERMALOGICA
Hair Kazuki Fujiwara using L’OREAL
Model Hollie-May Saker at MODELS 1
Hollie-May wears floral print t-shirt & jacket by CHRISTOPHER KANE