7 WONDERS: Best Cara Delevingne Faces

November 29th, 2012

Cara Delevingne may have won Model Of The Year at the British Fashion Awards for those legs, those eyebrows… and that body! But forget that, the real reason we adore Cara is because of her boundless enthusiasm for pulling silly faces. Wearing a hot catwalk look? Undermine it by making a face like a surprised panda! Oh Cara, mia cara bonita – you’re living proof that our mother was wrong when she said our faces would stick that way in the wind.

Candid of Cara Delevingne making silly faces

1. The ‘O’ face

ERMAGAWD! Cara is number one for all variations of the ‘O’ face. Surprised, aggressive, shocked, or just plain confused – Cara can nail them all.

Candid of Cara Delevingne making silly faces for photobomb

2. The photobomb face

Cara Delevingne is the Jake Gyllenhaal photobomb queen of the fashion industry. Minus the stubble.

Candid of Cara Delevingne pulling duck face pouts and silly faces

3. The glamorously confused duck face

There is a special place in Heaven reserved for people who take the piss out of the ‘pouty duck‘ syndrome that afflicts so many young women. Judging by these pictures, Cara has more than earned her ticket past the Pearly Gates.

Candid of Cara Delevingne making silly faces and sticking her tongue out

4. The tongue face

When in doubt, just stick your tongue out of your mouth and hope for the best. Where possible, accessorise with a rock star friend.

Candid of Cara Delevingne goofing off backstage with Karlie Kloss

5. The “Dynamic! Posing!” face

If you ever want to pep up a boring photo, just jump up and down and wave your arms around. Maybe imitate a grasshopper? Maybe jump on things, like an escalator? Just don’t kick Karlie Kloss by accident.

Candid of Cara Delevingne making silly faces and imitating animals

6. The ‘assorted animals’ face

Hand on hip, left foot forward, tilt face up towards the light? BORING. The next time you get papped by street style photographers, just imitate your favourite animal. We’re particularly fond of Cara’s take on the surprised panda.

Candid gif of Cara Delevingne making silly evil face (Image: The Cut)

7. The demon child face

“Okay, imagine you’re Rosemary’s Baby, but all grown up. Crossed with a particularly burpy extra from Children of the Corn. Can you give me a little ‘sexy’? Can you do little lobster claw fingers? Oh my god, gorrrgeous! You’re a natural, babes!”

Words: Zing Tsjeng (Follow Zing on Twitter @misszing)
Images: stopitcarajuststop.tumblr.com