PREMIERE: Stubborn Heart, ‘Interpol’

November 15th, 2012

Post-dubstep London duo Stubborn Heart have been described as Hurts meets Skrillex, but their complex, intelligent electronic sound is all their own: think sensitive Thom Yorke vocals over compelling beats. We premiere Interpol, a track off their new album.

Stubborn Heart

How was Stubborn Heart born?

Stubborn Heart was born two years ago when we finally wrote a song that we were happy to play to our friends. That song was ‘Better Than This’ which is on the album.

What are your influences?

Marvin Gaye and Baudelaire.

What separates you guys from all other musicians?

Shark-infested waters.

What’s your favourite post-show beverage?

Ben likes a cold beer, I prefer a nice cup of tea.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?

We’ve both had many memorable evenings at Ronnie Scott’s in London but I must mention the Isley Brothers at the Royal Festival Hall. There’s nothing like seeing top musicians at the top of their game. Kraftwerk and Brian Wilson in the same venue were also unforgettable.

What song inspires you when things get tough?

The Beatles and Kraftwerk are a constant source of inspiration.

Tell us about your recent single ‘Need Someone’ and your debut album?

I was trying to avoid writing about myself and the universal subject that is love, but as ‘Need Someone’ took shape I soon realised what this album had to be about as writing about. Other subjects didn’t come naturally at the time. A few of our friends were going through tough relationship experiences and that all fed into the songs on this album. There is a lyrical theme but we tried to make each track different musically.

If you could only give one speech to convince people to buy your album, what would you say?

I’m not very good at speeches. People listen to music and they either like it or not, words shouldn’t sway them. It’s a sonic thing.

Stubborn Heart’s debut album is out now.

Words: Tracy Kiryango