PREMIERE: Linkoban, ‘One Trick Pony’

November 14th, 2012

We’ve been super into part-Danish, part-Chinese rap star Linkoban ever since we saw her demented, Japanese horror-inspired video for Super Into On It, and now we’ve got the UK premiere of her new video, One Trick Pony. So you know, you can keep Sarah Lund, we’ve got our horrorshow Danish queen right here.

We’ve heard that your gigs are crazy good. What goes through your mind before you get on stage to help keep the excitement flowing?

Before going on stage, I always get shit nervous – and it feels like all my teeth are about to fall out. But I think about the audience. I think about wanting to entertain them, and that I want to get as close to them as possible, so we can exchange energies.

Where did you experience your best audience?

The best audience was at Roskilde Festival in Denmark, this summer – my first full-set concert ever. It was a mind-blowing experience with a dedicated and jumping crowd. They were so many. I felt small. And l felt loved beyond what my brain could grasp.

What made you decide to become a rapper?

I love the challenge. And I love the aggression. And I had a drawer full of poetry that no one cared to read. So I figured, why not add beats and invite people to listen instead.

Your music is almost a new form genre of dirty urban pop, what would you describe it as?

I think ‘dirty urban grime-pop’ is the perfect description.

What artists did you grow up listening to?

I didn’t listen to music growing up. Seldomly my mom would put on Vietnamese love songs about miserable soldiers at war. Back then I was a pretty paranoid kid alone in a big house, so I had to keep it silent to hear if a burglar came.

What is your motto?

Aspire to those smarter than you.

I read on a blog that you illegally performed in China, because you were banned at the last minute by local authorities. What happened?

I was invited to do a show at a festival in Beijing, but a few days before leaving, I was told that most of my material got declined by the Ministry of Culture in China. The festival didn’t want me due to the censorship, but the team and I decided to go anyway and performed our show at smaller venues.

If you weren’t doing music, where do you think you would be now?

Probably at home fantasizing about doing music.

Since a lot of your music is upbeat, so do you prefer going out to party or staying in with a cup of tea?

All my shows come with a party. So, I obviously love partying. But I do cherish my evenings at home eating a filthy amount of home-cooked food… A showgirl’s got to recuperate too, you know.

What do you have coming up next?

My debut album will be out early next year. And hopefully, I’ll get to do a lot of touring around the world in 2013.

Words: Tracy Kiryango