PREMIERE: Eugene McGuinness, ‘Sugarplum’

November 16th, 2012

Eugene McGuinness has swapped his mop-topped ragamuffin look for an altogether sleeker, slicker look – and the musical stylings to match. We premiere the new video for Sugarplum, which shows off McGuinness’ Alex Turner-levels of observation and wit, as well as a pretty swanky quiff.

You kinda got labelled a kind of folk singer at the start of your career, how did you feel about that?

Confused… I still am.

How’s your sound changed over the years?

It’s expanded a lot, I’ve made it bigger and more beat driven. It’s mainly a rock’n’roll thing but I also always want it to be modern.

What’s your idea of a perfect pop song? Do you think pop’s got a bad rep over the years?

Pop’s a broad term, the charts have looked very weird for a while now. There’s always amazing music here and there but it’s stuck in a tsunami of the other stuff.

Where do your songs come from – personal experiences, or just plain imagination?

My imagination really, I’d never assume people would be interested in hearing my personal experiences. My imagination is the only remarkable thing about me.

Your style looks pretty different to when you first started out in the business. How’s your style changed over the years?

I was a kid early on so I dressed like a kid, I’m 27 now so I’ve binned the baseball boots… Haircuts happen more often… The linen suit looms…

What’s the first record you ever bought, and how do you feel about it now?

Fatboy Slim, ‘Praise You‘ – it’s an amazing song.

You’ve been signed to Domino since 2008. If you could go back in time, what would you tell the 2008-version of you before he signed?

I have no wisdom for him, I’d just give him some deodorant.

Sugarplum is out on December 10th.

Words: Zing Tsjeng