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7 WONDERS: Best photoshopped One Direction covers

November 23rd, 2012

The beautiful thing about the Internet is that you can always count on it for subverting your photos – or just plain taking the piss. This month, our infamous One Direction shoot for the Nov/Dec issue was the focus of some very clever – or just plain bonkers – Photoshop action.

Image: Jordan Margaret

1. One Direction in Mr Burns’ house in the Hamptons

Thanks to Jordan Margaret, we now know that One Direction would take pride of place in a respectable gay fraternity lodge. We reckon there’s a hot-tub handjob waiting for everyone in this frat party.

Image: @icermsocialist

2. How much is that doggie in the window?

Somewhere, you know a One Direction fan with a degree in bio-genetics is in her lab, trying to make this One Direction freakazoid puppy happen. Give or take a few years, we reckon this will be in stores for Christmas 2025. Well played, @icermsocialist.

Image: @kcord0912

3. Oh sweet Jesus what is this even

When we first saw this, we laughed so hard we cried. Then we crawled into a corner and then wept for humanity.


4. Come, little children…

Niall’s photo is proving particularly inspirational for 1D fans. Yes, very inspirational.

Image: Image:
Image: Image: Image:
Image: Image: Image:

5. One Direction gif party!

We don’t know who originally made this icons (we credit this Tumblr for finding them). What we do know is if you stare at this wall of icons long enough and whisper “bloody Mary” three times under your breath at midnight on a full moon, Niall Horan will come out of your computer screen and strangle you in your sleep. Fact.


6. Breaking Good

The next time we see Bryan Cranston punching the shit out of a rival druglord, we won’t be thinking, “God, isn’t Walt’s slow yet inevitable decline into amoral kingpin one of Breaking Bad’s most heartbreaking themes?” No, we’ll be thinking: “Wouldn’t this look great against a Pepto-Bismol pink background?” Thank you, Breaking Bad fandom.

Words: Zing Tsjeng