PREMIERE: Get People, ‘Back To Dust’

October 30th, 2012

Get People are lightening our dark wintry days with their blissfully tribal acid pop. We premiere the video for their latest track, ‘Back To Dust’, apparently inspired by an epic 24-hour journey through California’s Death Valley.

Bandmate and animator Michael H. Smith takes us through the trippy visuals:

“Back to Dust is part of a broader project to create an immersive visual world to accompany the audio world of Get People. The intent is to craft something that feels otherworldly and ethereal and can be experienced in small sections – as individual music videos, or in full in the live shows.

In Back To Dust the interplay between the resonant gong sounds and the more solid drum beat provided an initial structure while the epic choruses suggested expansive and mysterious landscapes – I want to give a sense of characters moving through a mysterious world which has a life force of its own, a sense of vastness and a sense of history.

In terms of influences, I think that the 1970s animated film Fantastic Planet is definitely important as well as the paintings of Jonas Burgert and the drawings of Charles Avery. I also looked quite a lot at tribal jewelry and head dresses for the abstract patterned elements.”

Back To Dust is out 19 November on Luv Luv Luv Records.