October 31st, 2012

Operating as a duo since forever, London sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow ditched their previous punk projects to finally arrive at 2:54. Hailed as Radio 1’s Newest Hype, the pair’s combine jaunty guitar riffs and distinctively new ideas into a brand new rock and roll sound that’s inspired by greats like PJ Harvey. Wonderland caught up with Colette.


You guys have just rounded up your European support slot with The xx. How was the experience for you?

It was inspiring. We played in a Circus in Paris, at Usher Hall in Edinburgh, opened up at Shepherd’s Bush. Very special, historical venues. It was amazing to be able to watch The xx play every night too!

Is there ever any sibling rivalry in the band, or do you have a strict professional relationship?

We’ve always hung out together, we love making music together.

Is there ever any musical differences or do you find it easy to compromise when making music?

We both come from different angles when we approach a song. We’re inspired by each other musically. We both know when something’s right, we don’t need to speak too much about it.

How does your sound differ from your previous project?

We played a handful of shows prior to 2:54. It was a punk band: two minute songs where I shouted and Hannah shredded. It was totally different from 2:54 sonically but it certainly ignited the desire to learn more about live shows and wanting to play live.

Shakespears Sister, Alisha’s Attic, The White Stripes…who would you say are your most favoured musical duo?

I recently revisited The Kills, they’re a great band live and on record.

The band name gives a nod to a Melvins track. Who or what else inspires your writing and the sounds that you create?

We’re inspired by elemental things. We spent our childhood summer’s on the west coast of Ireland which is a really mystical, wild place. The cover of our album was taken there, at Doolin Point, Co.Clare. The shot is of an area called The Devil’s Kitchen. The cliffs, islands, and rocks we used to climb as kids, those things are magical to us.

‘On A Wire’ was named Zane Lowe’s Newest Hype and you’ve been heralded across print and online press. Are you concerned about living up to your hype?

It’s amazing that people are supportive and into the band, we appreciate it so much. Hype is something else, we don’t really think about it, we just concentrate on developing as a band, and moving forward together.

How, if at all, has London shaped you as a duo?

I’ve lived in London for 11 years, so all my adult life has been here. I love London, it feels full of possibility.

You’ve also played alongside a lot of other creatives. Who, musically are you championing at the minute?

We’re really into John Talabot and Pional, we’ve been watching their show every night on tour. We’re also really looking forward to playing with Pins and Deaf Club on our UK tour.

2:54 play XOYO on 7 November.

Words: Shane Hawkins