NEW NOISE: patten

January 10th, 2012

Patten, whose sonically maximal long player GLAQJO XAACSSO emerged onto last year’s techno scene like a sticky grenade, continues to develop his sound in the coming months with a throw of live slots locked in. The notoriously evasive sound murderer offers Wonderland a glimpse into his colourful otherworld, ahead of his first show of the year at London’s CAMP basement on the 19th.

How has the reaction to your debut album surprised, infuriated and/or delighted you?

It’s out there in other people’s lives now – pushing air in minds, rooms and roads I’ll never know. That in itself is quite a peculiar thought.

What do you like most about performing live?

In the live situation, everyone and everything involved – performer, cables, machines, audience, soundman, temperature and the rest, are all players in an extended experiential moment. It’s unpredictable, full of potential and chaotic. It’s precisely these circumstances where things can happen. An improvised constellation of effects – from the weight of a kick drum pulsing through space to the dance of a dust particle in the light of a projector.

How do you use the performances to explore your instruments and develop your sound further?

It seems to make sense approaching them with as dynamic and open a method as possible – really using the freedom the circumstances allow. The technology is mindblowing, as is the openness of audiences. This is just the start.

You’ve said you enjoy writing when nearly asleep and I feel the music reflects this feeling of trans-reality. Are you surprised with the results you come up with when properly awake?

A whole spectrum of psychological states are involved in the process of writing, it’s all explored and filtered through into the final work. Being surprised by what is produced is a huge part of it. Attempting to transcend the imagination.

The artwork also reflects this haziness. Do you agree?

Hopefully the artwork gives as much intensive matter and leaves as much space for someone else’s mind as the audible component of the release does. Jane Eastlight is incredible. Working on a fully audiovisual live thing with her at the moment – as flexible and liquified as the sonics.

ix by patten

What are you planning for this year?

Lots planned. Don’t want to ruin it, but what I can say is that 2012 will be quite special.

Words: Jack Mills